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Looking for a cool game? Mirror's Edge - X-box/PS3

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I just played the the demo for this. It is really cool, and the graphics are amazing (esp. if you have an HD setup.)

It is an action, first person based game. Its not too difficult, and you can do some crazy things. Its one of those games that you can play the story, or mess around. It is also easy for your friends to pick up and play.

The demo is on X-Box live available for download. I have not bought it yet, but will likely do so after Christmas. Anyone have this game?


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Yeah, this was a fun demo. Jackie Chan meets Matrix. I heard the game is pretty short and does not offer any multiplayer. After you run through it in a couple hours you are left with doing time trials. I was gonna buy it until I read that.

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Mirrors Edge is a pretty neat game. I've put a couple of hours into the game and it can be pretty fun if you are willing to learn all the neat tricks. There is a lot of frustration when Faith doesn't grab on to the right ledge or misses some jumps but that can be overshadowed by the awesomeness of the running combos and it feels great to make your own path.

The levels are pretty big and you need to do some exploring to find extra hidden bags around the rooftops. Yeah, the story wont be very long but the time trials can be fun and pushes you to find new paths.

It's not perfect, but at least it's something different.

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