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Brad the broker

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I love this story. My last job I had to deal with ultra arrogant douchbag brokers that would routinely answers questions with 'well that's over your pay grade' and come up with lovely solutions such as 'can't we just test the software in production?'

Brad, the senior trader and the person nobody questions wanted to trade some coal futures. The programmers made a mistake and made a 'PhysicallyDeliver' field 'false' instead of '0'(which almost all code determines anything non-zero to be a 'true' or '1' value). Of course there's people on both sides of the trade that can double check things like this but since “not even His Holiness, the Pope” can question Brad.

So what did Brad see out the door of his port-front office one day?

28,000 tons of coal worth 1.5 million.


When looking back at the transaction the last recorded message from Brad was “what part of ‘execute my f*ing trade’ don’t you understand!?”.

:lol: I love it.

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As someone who works in the industry on the tech side, I find this hilarious :lol:

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    • This is why mock drafts are stupid (and why the serious analysts like Mayock only do them to appease viewers) because it's almost impossible to guess what each GM is going to do and to pick out all the trades. 

      How a rational human being should judge these analysts is were they right about the studs and the duds three years from now. This is why I am indifferent about Christian. I didn't waste my time watching hours of tape, but I trust that DG did. If he's Christian ends up being the player we want him to be, then that's success. If mayock and others saw him having success in the next level then that's success. If analysts don't think Trubisky will have success and he does, then that's failure on part of the analysts.
    • Kareem Hunt from Toledo runs in a similar manner to Cook and will be available in the 3rd and maybe 4th. If they value someone higher than Cook, it's possible they pass and take a back later.