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DTV or Cable?

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OK, so Time Warner sucks---having to watch the Miami game on a laptop was the final straw for me.

So, I price DirecTV based on their $29 till 2011 campaign. First off I have more than one HDTV which means having to purchase additional HD/DVR boxes. Secondly I looked at the 24 month billing schedule---after 6 months the service was over $100 (based on paying a lease fee for standard boxes and free premuim channels expiring).

What's the deal? Yey or ney?

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I love DTV. I have 4 HD boxes (2 reg hd 2 hddvr) and 1 SD box. Get sports package, show, cin, HBO and pay around $130 I think. My package rate is $75 and the rest of the bill is stuff I have added/ receiver lease fee's.

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I had TW forever. Just moved in with the fiancee and there is no cable there so its DTV.

I miss Cable Modem. I find the responsiveness of the remote for cable a lot better. Having NFL network is not a bad thing. I do like how DTV has the HD and Standard Def versions of the same channels next to each other instead of broken apart.

I've lost signal to DTV in storms, but not all that much. In the past 5 years I've only lost cable a small handful of times. If you use AT&T you can get a discount on home phone and internet bundled with DTV.

Sorry it's wishy washy but thats the battle there. They both work to have their strengths and weaknesses. For me having TV Phone and Internet with the same company was fantastic and I miss that.

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