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here are the award's i would give out if i ran the nfl. some are funny, some are player of the year - plaxico burress. the shave your head already award - childress (vik's coach) and matt hasslebeck (tie). the team everybody wish's would just go away award - dallas cowboys. the owner who everybody thought was dead award - al davis. worst uniforms award - broncos. and mvp award..somehow tom brady wins again. thanks see you next year! this award show brought to you by, subway (eat fresh), dale earnhardt, the nra and aig. good night.

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    • First, let me say that I pretty much only watch the NBA during the playoffs (or when I'm absolutely bored and channel surfing, which is very very seldom). I am really a fan of players and coaches and not necessarily teams except for the Spurs. That being said, I do support the Hornets as they are a North Carolina team---the "home" team, if you will.  The problem is I don't see any way that they will credibly compete for a championship (because they really haven't come close in franchise history). Gone are the days of Grand Ma Ma and Dell Curry, but even then one would be hard pressed to really believe. Unless they happen to draft a legitimate, and I mean legitimate, superstar that wants to be here, I can't see it. I go from year to year in June saying "Perhaps this is the year," but reality sets in during December.  Well, perhaps this is the year that they at least become credible. Monk was arguably the best pure shooter in the draft. Can he create his own shot---break 'em down and break some ankles to be a legitimate point guard? We will see. Bacon may be underrated. We will see. Does the other Superman in Charlotte have enough juice to make a credible run and get the Hornets over the hump. I don't know.  It's just hard to believe that the Hornets will actually become truly relevant when you look at their history.
    • Also, Greg is counting 20M against the cap over the next two...that's a big amount for a TE, even as great as he is.  This year he has a bit of leverage. Important piece of the passing and now running game. High cap number, and we are trying to free up space to sign the G's. Extremely healthy past.   He's just leaning on DG to extend him, and I think that we likely do....although it's not imperative.