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What would you do if you found out...

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that one of your close friends supports Hitler? I just found out today. She said she doesn't agree with the killing but she likes how he came from nothing and became something. I told her the reason he become something is because he became a racist bigot that brain washed his whole country in order to kill all jews and anyone else who didn't fit his ideal image of a human being. Then broke off the friendship. How would you handle a situation like this?

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She should just become pen pals with a convicted death row inmate.

At least in that situation, she might get some returned love in the form of cool fap pics.

Last I heard ol' Schickelgruber wasn't returning any fan mail.

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My 9th grade German teacher thought Hitler had a lot of great ideas, he just went a little too far.

Seriously, Hitler had a lot of luck help him out, as well as a knack for knowing when to get really ruthless. He did manage to go from spectacular failure to being beloved by millions of people despite even more not liking him, but preferring him to the alternatives available.

Once he achieved all the power he could ever really want, he just kind of thought he could keep it going based on his luck, and that people would just see whatever he saw as reasonable and sane, and both things ran out on him.

I can certainly admire the mans fortune and ability to achieve what he did with totally disagreeing with everything he stood for. Ghengis Khan was not a person to be liked or admired in the strict sense of the word, but we remember who he was and what he accomplished to this day.

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