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Game 24: Bobcats @ Pacers

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Larry Brown get the ******* bench in the game this is pathetic.

The refs are also an malefactor in this game.. Whodathunk?

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Larry Brown yet again does not call TO in this situation.

Day by Day I wonder if LB has lost his mind.

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man, what the hell? thats what im thinkin when i watch these games, it look as if only tyson, jax, an wallace wanted to play! an they all played great, felton not bad.... i personally think TJ Ford is really good...... hes so fast

but anyway, i cant stand watchn diaw here anymore, he isnt aggressive enough... he needs to shoot, he passes to much. cant pass up a good shot for a hopeful great one every time! also i want to kno why derrick brown got 0 min this game? if hes not hurt thats awful, he has played great this year, always solid energy. and i bet he coulda stood in front of murphy, poo i coulda been closer to him than our defense was, he always goes to the top of the key, did we not scout any??? note for next game "he can shoot 3's"

personnaly i hope DJ gets traded to NY for something.... hill, i reckon

id love a DJ, Diaw, for Nate robinson and al harrington

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Why do we suck so bad on the road? It's not like we have home court advantage when we're at home. If its a crap team no one goes and when it's a good team everyone in the stadium is pulling for that team. It doesn't make any sense. Is flying to the road games really wearing our guys out that bad? There was no one at that Indiana game last night so it should have felt like home. I'm really starting to get annoyed.

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