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Bo In Monroe

My dog

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Bo, so sorry about your dog. He is too young!

And Squirrel....sorry to hear of your loss.

About those OTC pain meds someone mentioned. Everyone knows that you can't give dogs Tylenol, Advil, etc......right? It is deadly. They can have aspirin. But the stuff you get from the vet is worth it if pain management becomes and issue.

I disagree for a dog thats got 1+ month to live. Depending on size, pain pills(NOT ibuprofen) do no harm if given correct dose. Ive done it before after a vet said it was ok(poor guy was 16 years old). Just keep a eye on the dog(have extra water) and check the poo afterward. If given too much there will be blood in poo. Given with food and lots of extra water, no issues. Call your vet and get there opinion first. Same for booze. Dont do both at the same time.

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