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Rax Grissman

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dedicating this thread to the greatest QB in the NFL history, "Rax Grissman"

no, not Rex Grossman.

He is known for his many appetites, murderous rage, epic failure in the playoffs, AND

his tendancy to GO DEEEEEP.

Just like this picture.


"Rax Goes Deep"

One time in high school football Rax had to throw a slant pattern. "I don't want to throw a fuging slant coach, I fuging go deep!" said Rax. "Run the damn play Rax" the coach responds. Pissed, Rax ran the play. He ended up throwing the slant ball so hard and so fast that he threw a hole right into the wide receiver killing him instantly.

He had sex 57 times with 30 different women that night.

"The NFC Championship"

It was 4th and goal on the one inch line with just seconds left in the NFC championship game. The Boars needed a touchdown to win so the coach called for a pitch to the running back for the game winner. Rax yelled, "You know who I am? Im motherfuging Rax Grissman. You give me the fuging ball, fine young male. This is my game." Then in retaliation Rax broke both of the running back's knees, and knocked the backup unconscious. Coach had no choice and called far a fade route to the corner of the end zone, which Rax overthrew by a good 20 feet. The Boars had lost the game that day, but inside, Rax knew he was a winner.

"Rax sets the record straight"

Hey fine young males, Ive been hearing a lot lately about this Orton kid, and it's time to set the record straight. Ive seen the boner you fags get when you talk about how he's thrown over 70 yards ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. Pathetic. If your going to suck off some *** cause he goes 70 yards, then you're going to have a lot of cocks in your mouth. Dont you remember who UNLEASHES THE DRAGON? Thats 95+ yards at least, fugers. Hell, Id throw it further, but my receivers can't even catch up to me as it is. Compared to me, Orton couldn't unleash a chihuahua. So you may be thinking, "Gee, then Rax how come he's starting all your games?" Dont worry fine young males, it's all according to plan. My schedule is far too busy for football right now, with all of the court appearances and paternity tests and whatnot. Orton is just there until we make the playoffs. You really think he would get the start over the greatest quarterback in the history of the game? fug no. When the postseason rolls around you'll see. You may have your doubts, but when I hit Hester with that 125 yard bomb to win Super Bowl LXIII it will all make sense. Later fags.


Soon enough, the Boars got tired of Rax's many skills and released them from their roster to add the new QB Jay Cutler. everyone watched in anguish as their savior was forced to sit around and wait for someone to sign him. However, none came, and Rax started to worry. Some said that Rax's career in the NFL was over, but that proved to be a lie. Finally, in June, the Houston Texans called up Rax to be their new god. Rax agreed. Now, everything is deeper in Rexas.

What do you guys think of him? DISCUSS.

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