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Final comments from BlackandGold10

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Enjoyed smacking with you guys this year. This will be my last post. Can't wait until next year when we go 16-0. Thought I would leave you with some final thoughts both good and bad about the game and the Panthers. See you around draft week!

1) Deangelo Williams is the best back in the NFL. If I was your coach I would give him a breather now and then but there is no comparison between him and Stewart

2) John Kasey is money. Say what you want about the Giants game he has beaten the Saints so many times in the last 10 years that it makes me sick.

3) Drew Brees is the best QB in the NFL

4) Steve Smith is the best WR in the NFL

5) John Fox's conservative game plan is going to be what prevents you from making it to the Super Bowl.

6) If Fox's play calling doesn't stop you then Jake D. will. I am not sure what has happened to him but he looks like a guy that just came in the league. If it wasn't for Smith I know of at least 5 late game passes that would have been picked off.

7) Your Defense Coordinator is questionable at best. You can't let Brees just sit back and find open men. He will kill you like he did today.

8) Brees comments after the game shows why he is a great person, leader and deserves all the praise he receives:

"When I sit back and look at it, that record's stood for a long time. One of greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game owns it," Brees said, adding he wasn't sure setting a new mark while his team fell to 8-8 was "necessarily the way that record deserves to be broken. That's why I'm able to accept the fact it didn't happen."

I agree with many of the things you said, but not all.

And the biggest one is Brees being the best QB in the league. As of now, its Manning, then Rivers'. No question, Brees would be somewhere around 4 or 5.

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He can't even correctly predict things that he has control over.

Enjoyed smacking with you guys this year. This will be my last post.

Posted at 11:26 on 12/31

Tell me what Jake did today to lead his team back? Handed the ball off and threw up a prayer that no one but Smith would have caught. Wow what clutch play!

Posted at 11:29 on 12/31

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