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Thread from the future: Saints fan, training camp, 2009

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wuts up panties :lol

hope you guys r redy for another big year of chocking wen it counts! just like the giants last year lol you guys suck

the saints already have the best offense in the league i mean wut can u say? drew brees is the MAN i love breesus so much you guys cant stop it! 50o0 yards last year!!!! now that we have bush back and shokee is just amazing what can you do???? you cant stop it!!!! colston, moore, henderson, meachem all these guys are better than that punk steve smith who punches his team mates or that muslim terrist moosin muhommod. pierre and bush are so much better than your little "bitch and more bitch" iz not even funny

the defense has been fixed just you wait. jovan haye is argublee the best defensive lineman in the nfl. grant ellis haye smith??? what are you going to do???? you can't run! you really going to pass? lol

alphonso smiff is undoutedly the best cb in the draft and the saints were smart to trade a 2nd, 3rd, and 4f to move up 3 spots to grab him. now we have mckenzie who is a god and i think we all agree jason david really made steps this year. now we have harper and you all know we sgned lawyer milloy so this defense i think is now one of the best in the league. vilma is so much better than beason its not even funny. totally worth the 5 year 60 million bucks we gave him. fuujeeta is alreayd one of the most underrated lbs in the nfl

so i cant wait to stuff the panties in der mouf, DER MOUF, all year olong gonna be lots of crying up in da bitch city


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The media spotlight will be off when they start to realize Bush will be 3rd on the depth chart, and we haven't been in the playoffs since '06. So the bandwagoners should slowly leave.

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