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East-West Shrine Bowl 2010

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After rewatching the game I was actually very impressed with Skelton. You have to remember unlike Flacco, he was in Football Championship Subdivision for his entire college career.

Its going to take him longer to get up to the speed of some of these bigger school players then a week. Especially when he played in a non-pro stlye offense.

At first watch I would have giving him a C+ grading. But after the watching it again I had to increase his grade to a B+.

1st drive

Play 1: Fumbled exchange. I think this should be contributed to his bad footwork but the RB is also to blame.

Play 2: 5 yard toss to B White (Decent throw slightly low. BTW White is going to be one hell of a slot receiver he catches anything and everything)

Play 3: Bone headed pass to Arnett: incompletion.

Play 4: Punt

2nd Drive

Play 1: Smoke Screen to Roosevelt, gain of 9 yards. (Perfect Placing)

Play 2: Pass to Roosevelt gain of 6 yards (made it look effortless)

Play 3: J. James rush for 2 yards

Play 4: Thrown behind Barnes. (This would be resolved with more practice, the timing was off)

Play 5: False Start

Play 6: Brilliant pass up the seem to B. White for 22 yards. On 3rd and long to boot.

Play 7: Great play setting up the screen. Looking one way hitting the FB the other way. Gain of 13 yards (would have been more if they could have reviewed it he didn't go out of bounds at the 33).

Play 8: Delay of Game (got to watch the clock bud)

Play 9: Nice hot read. Under pressure checked it down to the TE for 3 yards.

Play 10: Screen never developed loss of 2.

Play 11: Very nice play on Skeltons part. Got tripped up so instead of taking the sack he threw the ball under handed just enought to get it back to the line of scrimmage. He was outside the pocket so even in a NFL game it wouldn't have been grounding. But it didn't matter Holding Call 10 yard penalty.

Play 12: Should have been a big one. He threw it perfectly IMO if he would have took more off of it it would have most likely been an INT. If Villanueva had one more step it would have been a huge 3rd and 19 down conversion and had the ball in the red zone.

Like I said for guy coming from a non-pro offense and lesser competition with only one week of practice he really impressed me. Not as much as I would have liked but he still had a good game. And also after the 1st drive Skelton showed really progress and as the game progressed seemed to get better and better. It ticks me off he didn't get the last quarter.

With his Physical Traits and his improvement this week I am now convinced he will be drafted in the 1st 3 or 4 rounds. If he gets an combine/Senior bowl invite it would help his stock out tremendously.

Other Guys that impressed:

Blair White WR: Watch out for this kid going to be an excellent slot receiver. Catches anything around him. That could help our young and inexperienced QB.

Freddie Barnes: Ditto. One of the best route runners out there. I think the hype machine is on, however, hes stock is soaring and I see him going long before White. I would rather get White later.

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Thanks, I waited up to see this game but AFN decided to show college basketball on 3 of the 10 channels instead of this game. (BASTARDS)

Skelton sounds like one of those guys you select in the 5 or 6th round and bury him on the practice squad (providing he gets through waivers) and let him learn a bit about being an NFL QB.

Barnes and White I would love to see more from?

Go Panthers

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Being an MSU homer I would LOVE for us to get White. He was our only receiver worth a d***.

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