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Just for fun - If you could rename the Panthers

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Isn't a "panther" technically like a misidentified cougar or leopard. I saw on discovery channel one time that a Panther is really just the black version of several species of animals.

Maybe we should be the Carolina Misidentified Cougars.

"Panthera" includes tigers, leopards, jaguars, etc.

In North America, the "panther" is a cougar or mountain lion. You can call it any of those. Yes, the Carolinas have panthers (cougars, mountain lions).

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2 years ago, the neighbor of a friend of mine had a Panther on his trail cam in a dense swamp in central Davidson county... I'll try to get a hold of him and see if I can post that pic, it was pretty freakin sweet because no one believes big cats are still living around here. Its pretty clear to see its a Panther (or cougar, whatever) because it's shiny black coat and a long sleek tail almost as long as its body.

(that same summer, fox 8 did a story on the mysteries of several mangled horses on a farm near Lake Thomalex)

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Guest Super_Freak

The Carolina Kitty Hawks

The Carolina Fire Ants

The Carolina Grits ; )

THe Carolina Cotton Pickers

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anyone who thinks it should be Charlotte Panthers or North Carolina Panthers are delusional.

-Look at other cities that named their team and are similar in size to Charlotte: Tampa, Jacksonville, Cincinnati; all of which are the bottom 3 in filling the seats...Can add San Diego to the list, but San Diego is much larger than Charlotte.

-South Carolina sends thousands of fans to every home game. There may be more North Carolina fans, but there is no doubt that the Panthers would be in another city if it weren't for SC... Greenville/Spartanburg comes to mind, because it is close to Charlotte and is expected to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country over the next 10 years.

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