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Normal Mock Draft

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Who would like to have a normal mock draft where you, get this now, just make selections according to team needs. No more people fuging up teams *cough* The Chargers *cough* and you simply draft to make your team better....kind of like a normal draft.

(And the only thing you can trade is picks)

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I think it would be more fun while at the same time more realistic if you just limited the amount of trades somehow. Also have one of the Mods that isn't playing, review all the trades and any that are ridiculous (tying to trade a Rivers or Manning) they could veto. I don't like the idea of solely improving with the draft it puts teams at the mercy of previous GM/HC.

Also why not make it where we have an actual offseason, with Free Agency, RFA and everything. We wait until a player signs in real life take that contract and thats the starting bid. IDK that might be to complicated but it would be fun.

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this can be completely seperate from the current mock draft game going on. that way those that are making good deals are atleast rewarded somehow. why can we not have 2 mock games, one thats a free for all, and one thats only allows picks to be traded?

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