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The Homer Playoff Prediction ~

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LOTS of people on the Falcons bandwagon. IMO they are lucky to be in the show. Maybe it's just me, but I see the Cardinals as much better than their record - certainly good enough to beat the Falcons. Their loss to the Patriots reminded me eerily of our loss to Tampa. The loss does not define them.

Chargers have been playing out of their minds - but they just aren't good enough to get past the first round.

Ravens are scary now - next year they are going to be nasty evil.

Titans/Steelers - So many holes I have no idea how they got where they did.

Giants - 2nd best team out there.

Vikings - Jackson sucks. Stop AP and its game over.

Eagles - Get on em early and rattle McNabb and wipe em up with a Shambo towel.

Dolphins - Good balanced team...nothing to be scared of though.

This Week:

Cardinals stomp Atlanta. Ryan remembers he is a rookie and Warner remembers how to throw.

Eagles murder the Vikings. The world remembers Jackson sucks.

Colts squake by the Chargers.

Ravens hurt the Dolphins really bad.

Next Week:

Giants hurt the Eagles. McNabb to Chicago stories start again.

Panthers destroy the Cardinals.

Colts beat the Titans.

Ravens beat the Steelers.

Championship Time:

Panthers beat the Giants easily.

Colts beat the Ravens for one of the best games of the year.


Panthers beats the other Manning finally in a close game.

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I like it. I like it a lot. :)

The Cards winning I think is a lot more possible than people will admit. ATL was struggling offensively against the Rams.

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I would like to see the Iggles beat the Giants though.....NFCC game here in Charlotte :cool:

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I think Falcons will be out first round too vs ARZ. Cards are the only non wildcard team I see winning this weekend.

I would like to see a Titans-Panthers SB.

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I kinda like the idea of a Steelers v Panthers match. They are similar to us. A defense that can bite you at anytime while giving up big plays...a running game that is one missed tackle from a TD...even a QB with issues. Ben holds on to the ball too long and Jake is doing too much 'heave in the air near Smith'.

Which is 'OK' since as I read in another article "Smith couldn't be covered in a phone booth".

I just don't see Steelers winning the AFC. They will be lucky to get past their first game.

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idk... the steelers i think match up well against us. they have probably the best defense since the 2000 ravens, and if anyone can stop dwill and stew its pitsburg. theyre pass defense is damn good too, and if they stop the run game, im not sure that jake can win it all by himself.


I can actually see them knocking Smith out of the game if Jake throws a floater, or into double coverage.

Besides, Panthers, like all teams I go for, tend to believe the hype about other teams. That's why the Giants had success running the ball, because the Panthers allowed it because people said they had a good one.

If people are loving the Steelers defense, the Steelers defense will win the game for the Steelers, because the Panthers will allow it to be successful because it's supposed to be.

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I think the Falcons/Cards game is a tossup. Falcons pass defense is not good and they will need to get to warner a lot, or else Cards receivers will tear them up. But I don't think the Cards defense can stop the Falcons running game. Could end up being a relatively high scoring game.

But if I had to pick, it would be the Falcons. And the Vikes will beat an inconsistent philly team.

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