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Carolina Husker

"I Am A MotherFvcker"

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My experiences with violent people on public transit are almost always women... weird.

The violent people in this incident were women. The guy who got torn up just happened to be whipped by said women.

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this is one the best vids I've seen in a while. all sort of awesomeness.


that just makes it better. it just proves looks are deceiving. the baddest man on the plant looks like a normal joe. fedor2kx4.jpg

in a sport where everyone has a couple Ls, he has dominated the last 10+ years against roid freaks and manbeasts that out-weigh him by 150 more pounds.

same for John Brzenk, 25 years at or near the top of the mountain in armwreslting. Most of that done at 198 LBs, unreal.

this guy and many other olypmic lifters. with normal clothes on and walking down the street, eh your nothing special. many women are stronger pound-per-pound, able to lift 2x their above the head.




Ayako Miyake is 5 foot nothing and 100 nothing, 3 time female champion of Ninja Warrior and I believe out of the hundreds there is only one other to defeat Midoriyama.

racism in that vid is great too, "beat his white ass" while stomping feet. all believe racism starts and ends like "white vs ______ "The old guy, seemed to be BSing and even walked away. glad to see a vid where justice is serve, rather than a innocent victim getting beat on(as norm). stealing the bag at the end was ironic too. still so much unsaid.

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