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  1. Mac Jones. Picking him would make me turn on our owner and coaching staff .
  2. Yeah let’s not overthink it. fuging OT in the first and the second .
  3. I think if both Tackles are off the board, you have to go Fields. Potential to be a fantastic QB in the league and pair him with the coaching and weapons, I think he could be special here. I wouldn’t be mad at surtain or horn either. After that, make the O-line a priority. Potentially trade back a few spots and grab Darrisaw if not QB or CB.
  4. I mean, it’s not against the rules to draft O-line after the first round.
  5. So we’re either getting Sewell, slater, fields, trey lance, surtain, parsons, jamarr chase, or trading out of the pick. Glad to see we’re really narrowing it down.
  6. Get Surtain hes the number one player at a position of need that’s left. Unless Pitts is there....which he won’t be most likely.
  7. I don’t know why this makes me proud but it does
  8. I think drafting Sewell is a fantastic move for any team. If he’s there...big if...I draft him and smile. Dude can play LT
  9. Plot twist: Atlanta stays put and drafts Sewell
  10. He definitely has a very punchable face. But I agree you have to take that chance. The kid can sling it a mile and has that escapability when the pocket breaks down. If we could’ve just found a way to lose to the WFT I’d be very excited about him coming to Carolina. But, the panthers are gonna panther... Best of luck to your boys !
  11. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses? Also curious to know your thoughts on Zach Wilson. You sound level headed and have stated your hate for all QBs outside of Namath. Would you rather have ZW or take the haul you’d get for the number 2 pick?
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