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  1. 28 teams disband and when win a squeaker over the Texans 3-0 thanks to Joey Slyes mind tricks. Go panthers
  2. Instead of that, can’t we just, you know, find a new kicker?
  3. The fug does this mean? Is this a thing? Please explain
  4. Yes to fuging both. A’s have been my favorite team since I was a kid. It would be nice to see what they could do with an actual major league payroll.
  5. As far as The Golden Calf of Bristol goes, he might be a Tommy Tremble type H-back/TE. Guys still strong as an ox.
  6. That was super sad to hear. I remember him at Hawaii. He was a baller.
  7. Tremble, to me, is a bit of a head scratcher just because of where he was taken. Didn’t expect a blocking TE/HB with the third. Saying that, I’m actually pretty excited to see how he’s used and what he can do within our offense. I just have to look at him as a lineman that can consistently get into the second level AND catch the ball.
  8. Stantly Thomas-Oliver, Terry Godwin, Kendrick Norton, Beau Sandlin....what diamonds are you talking about?
  9. Yea? We about to find 6 gems in the 7th round? You’re ridiculous if you think this is smart
  10. This is dumb. fuging make a pick and quit accumulating 7th round poo bag players. Feels like they’re getting too cute.
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