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  1. We better bring in every lineman waived or cut to see if they can offer anything. Because what we got is dog poo, wrapped in cat poo.
  2. Did Fit-dawg get us some real NFL O-lineman that I’m unaware of ?
  3. We’ve got cap space to go after OL this summer and it’s a pretty deep OG/C class
  4. With lots of cap space and few draft picks we must be planning on going hard on the OL in free agency.
  5. Dallas is a good team. They can generate some pass rush. I’ve been impressed with how Dak has looked good post-injury. Good receivers and pretty good line-play. This will be a tough game. Itll take all we got to get the W. I’d be confident too. But their fans all cousin loving sister fugers
  6. I hear fanny packs are making a come back
  7. No fuging poo right? Thursday night can go fug itself
  8. You early calling pieces of poo. Every single one of you should sacrifice a live chicken to the Gods above for sacrilege. All you bitches that said “blow out” should take this time to realize that every time you do that, you tempt the football Gods. It’s like y’all never watched football
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