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I think John Fox came to my church....

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Ok I have this rumour floating around in my little church circle today, of course as all these stories go, I wasn't there.

Apparently a gravely voiced, grey haired, rough skined, well dressed man came to my church. His name tag said "John Fox"(john with an H) because he was a visitor. They usually have visitors stay for coffee. I think he did, but of course, the people in the small circle didn't talk to him to confirm.

I guess it's logical that he could of felt like stopping by a church, but I figured he would be on plane somewhere to scout players. Aren't a lot of pro days next week?

Just a little trivial church story I felt was worthy of your valuable time to read.:D

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Doc Holiday    2,071

If your church is Forest Hill, then yes that was Fox. Have heard several say that he attends.

I know he's been going to forest hill for a long time, I've seen him every once in a while since I've been going.

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