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Peyton Manning wins third NFL MVP!!

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Babe, your Peyton hate is showing through again. He deserved it, and I'm no Peyton fan.

I get why you think that but here's my reasoning.

My dislike for Rivers is almost tied with my dislike of Peyton, and this is my honest opinion on the MVP. Also, I think Brady is the best in the league and I don't think HE should have won MVP last year. All last year showed was what he looks like when he has some elite talent on his side of the ball. He should have won the MVP in 2005 when he was THE reason they made it into the postseason (no run game, tons of OL injuries, no elite talent at skill positions, and sh*t defense for 2/3 of the year). My argument for Rivers over Manning is consistent with that thought.

Rivers has had a fantastic season and certainly deserves a Pro Bowl bid and an honorable mention for the MVP award, but you know he would not have made the playoffs without the AFC West being as terrible as it is, and without Denver's extremely massive choke job. In fact, if not for an onside kick recovery against a 2 win Kansas City team, they would be at home today, but on the couch. Rivers did have games that he didn't play well in when his defense did pretty well, such as Pittsburgh just like Manning against the Browns. Before you can point out that the Steelers D is better than the Browns, remember that Manning played a good game against the Steelers D at Pittsburgh and got the W.

You're right, Rivers had some sh*ttastic games, but I think Manning had more of them. The Colts had some seriously lucky wins as well. What did their W over Houston have to do with Manning? What did their win over the Patriots have to do with Manning? Pats blew themselves up in that game and the Colts D gave the Colts that W over Houston.

Manning's defense destroyed Pitt's offense as well.

The Colts best defensive player, Bob Sanders played in something like 6 games this year. Their defense was 24th against the run. While LT did not have a good year, Manning's running game was the worst in the entire league in terms of yards per carry, which is the result of a patchwork offensive line and an awful season from Joseph Addai. Plus Marvin Harrison clearly isn't the same player he was before his knee injury. And I know you don't like Peyton, but coming back from a knee surgery a few weeks before training camp and starting the season clearly affected him, but he played through it.

I've heard of Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers and I've also heard of all-pro tight end Antonio Gates.

Merriman is widely considered the Chargers' game changer on D and he missed 15 games. And I think that the triumvirate of Gonzales, Wayne, & Clark trump anything the Chargers have on O.

I admit that it rubs me really, really wrong that Manning pimped himself and his injury to Peter King in that conversation they had that was conveniently published on SI.com right before the MVP voting. The right thing to do would be to shut the f*ck up about it and just play. You know, like Brady did in 2005 when he had a sports hernia half the year, or a separated shoulder the whole 2003 year or how Jake did for two years plus, and will not ever use it as an excuse for anything or hype it in any way as being miraculous even though it is unprecedented.

You make some good points X-Clown, but I just can't agree.

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