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The artist formerly known as Samuel L. Jackson's 2010 Carolina Panthers Mock Draft...

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After putting in a good bit of thought and research, mixed with a little bit of my prognosticating prowess, I present you with my 2010 Carolina Panthers mock draft... Take this as version 1.0, as I am sure to make some subtle changes based on what we and other teams gain or lose through free agency.


Before we begin, let me add these disclaimers:

Currently, the Panthers hold picks in rounds 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7... This mock draft is projecting us trading our 2011 first rounder (yes, we do it AGAIN for numerous reasons in my opinion) to move into either the end of the first round, or the beginning of the second round this year while picking up a 5th rounder this year in the same trade (we got SF's 2nd and 4th last year for our 2010 first alone)...

Also, several sources are projecting us as getting a 5th, a 6th, and maybe a 7th as compensatory picks for players we lost last season. I went conservative on the compensatory selections and only gave us a 5th and 7th.

All totaled, these changes to our draft give us the 9 picks I have put into this Mock Draft...


Now then, let's get to it... shall we?



Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri

Weatherspoon is a beast on the outside and has a nose for the ball. He's extremely high in character and in energy level. He's fast, talks the talk, and walks the walk.

This pick may surprise some folks, but with Thomas Davis back from an injury, and with Diggs' age, this is a spot I look for us to go after early on in the draft. Sure, Anderson stepped up and we still may have Landon Johnson, but getting a guy like Weatherspoon could lock up another starter for our defense for several years.

Personally, I love the guy's motor and he has flat out produced. He also has the ability to shift inside should the need arise, so that versatility adds to his stock. Should he slide out of round one, I see us making the move to go up and get him.

I know what you're thinking. "What?!?!? Not a WR?!?!?!" But, hold your horses... I think Golden Tate is long gone, and it's still a little early for the talent that would be available at this position...

Alternatives: Golden Tate, Navorro Bowman



Austen Lane, DE Murray St.

After moving up in the draft via next year's first rounder, we could look to slide down a little from our current second round pick. Even if we don't, Lane would be a solid pick for our needs here. He's a decently strong, tall, and fast pass rushing end that is a gifted athlete. He has great hustle and decent rip moves.

Sure, we invested a lot in Everette Brown and have Charles Johnson and Hilee Taylor, but we need depth here after letting Pep walk. Brayton's status is still up in the air as well. Lane could come in and compete to start on one side, and at worst, provide solid rotation for those other guys on passing downs.

Alternatives: Arrelious Benn, Corey Wootton



Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincinnati

While this could be a little late for Mardy to be on the board, I think Gilyard is the type of WR we need to pick up first. He's shorter, elusive, and has good hands. He can also help in the return game.

Gilyard will need some strength and conditioning work as well as some minimal technique work, but he'll be learning under on of the greatest receivers ever to play the game.

He's had his issues in the past, but has overcome them to be a solid guy in the locker room and off the field. He once lived in his car for a while after losing his scholarship for failing a class and being accused of cheating in another. He came back after getting back on his feet, worked hard, and re-earned his scholarship.

He's physically and mentally tough, and has all the potential in the world to be a solid WR in the NFL.

Plus, after running over a little kid on the sidelines once, he picked the kid up and gave him a hug... Who can't like a guy like that?!?!

Alternatives: Carlton Mitchell, Dekoda Watson



Dezmon Briscoe, WR Kansas

Briscoe has been my guy for a while now, and I hope he slides this far (for the Panthers prosperity, of course).

He isn't the fastest, most flashy guy out there, but was the number one WR in a passing offense. He has most of the raw tools (he also came out of college early) you could ask for in a posession receiver (frame, ability), and would add playmaking ability to our biggest hole. He has a willingness and good ability to block, although he never really needed to do much.

He and Gilyard could take a lot of pressure off Smith, and would open up our ground game a lot more. That is a scary thought for opposing offenses.

Alternatives: Andre Roberts, Major Wright



Brandon Carter, G Texas Tech

Enjoy the picture?

Yeah, this guy has a big nasty streak and plays with super aggression. He's got a big frame, good footwork, and is super competitive.

He was suspended and stripped of his "captain" status for one game for having words for his teammates and coaches after a loss last season, so some may say he's a little over competitive...

I like him a lot though. He's rabid, and fiery on the field. He could come in and rotate behind either Guard spot.

There is a chance he is gone by this area though...

Alternatives: Marshall Newhouse, Pat Angerer, Kavell Conner (hey, then when people talked about Dan Connor but mispelled it, we would all be confused!)



Myron Lewis, CB Vanderbilt

Lewis has great size and speed, and could surprise a few who have him rated so low.

His numbers suffered because teams chose to throw away from him, but he has great size and speed, and I think he would provide good depth for us.

He may also project to FS at some point, and is a lot similar to Sherrod Martin in my opinion.

Another high character, smart guy that the Panthers like...



Robert Johnson, FS Utah

Where do I begin?

This guy is another one of my favorites in this year's draft.

A product of South Central L.A., Johnson's father was murdered when he was pretty young. He had a tough childhood that fueled him to push himself hard and be all he can be. He has an excellent work ethic, and stands out amongst his teammates.

Does that sound eerily familiar?

Johnson is a typical center-fielder type of FS who isn't all that great in man coverage. He is more suited for zone coverage, which the Panthers tend to use for the FS position.

He has a nose for the ball, lays the wood, and can make plays from the middle of the field. He's also suited for coming into the box and defending the run, although his wiry frame will need to be bulked up a little. He has also run track in his past...



Chris Marinelli, T Stanford

Another big bodied Offensive Lineman, Marinelli stands out because of his versatility. He can play either Tackle or Guard position.

He plays smart, has a nasty streak, and is strong and vocal.

If he slides this far in the draft, we should ****** him up pretty quick.

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Al Woods, DT LSU

Woods has the frame and the tools to mold him into a solid DT rotational guy. He came out early and some will look at this as a bad thing. LSU recruits some good lineman though, so I feel he is worth the risk.

This late in the draft, it is a crapshoot for trying to predict anyone, but we could look to DT given our inconsistency last season.

At worst, we'll pick someone up here for the practice squad, and I figured why not take a chance on someone who never really put it all together in college.

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lol u think mardy Gilyard will last that long?

I've actually flip-flopped him and Lane several times... Right before I posted this, I switched them again... haha...

I feel like Gilyard does slip a little in favor of people making noise like Taylor Price and Carlton Mitchell...

Some scouts have Gilyard as like the 10th-12th rated WR...

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If we take a Olinemen wont he be more of a LT..than a G?

Marinelli is a natural Tackle... My bad, I originally listed him as a G... He can play any T or G spot though...

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If we take a Olinemen wont he be more of a LT..than a G?

Reminder -> Our starting RG from last year is not currently under contract.

I snapped my lower leg clean in an injury very similar to Gross's when playing football as a youth. My time to complete recovery was about 9 mos (including rehab to play ball and a staff infection). Modern/Sports medicine has advanced a bit since then.

G/T need depends on their confidence in Robinson IMO. I think Bernadeau stays in the Hangartner role. He's way more valuable there. RG needs to be a big nasty.

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Marinelli is a natural Tackle... My bad, I originally listed him as a G... He can play any T or G spot though...

ok..Got it.But why no QB in your mock?

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ok..Got it.But why no QB in your mock?

I see no point in drafting a QB anywhere in the draft because:

A. They'll never get a legit shot with us

B. Color me unimpressed with the QB class

C. We just pretty much said Moore is our starter

D. Jake would be too costly to release

E. We can bring someone like McCown back if we need one for camp

F. We are a running team, and that will be our identity until Fox is gone

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I read somewhere the Panthers are definitely going to take a QB at some point in the draft.. I will look for the link.

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Weatherspoon may go to Arizona. Can we trade next years first to get to 26th or higher? If not to Arizona, New Orleans would be crazy not to pick him. A lot of things would have exactly right for us to have a shot at weatherspoon but I dunno if he's the right pick anyway. I think AJ Edds makes more since. A pure SLB to challenge Diggs for the starting spot is our biggest need at LB.

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Oh just imagine the LB core with Weatherspoon, Davis, and Beason. Now that would be scary. Looks like a good mock to me, I would love to see those players in a Panthers' uniform but I have a feeling some of them will go earlier than what you have said. Hope that is not the case though.

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great mock. i love the lane and weatherspoon picks. and I do think either Gilyard or Jacoby Ford will fall into the mid to late 3rd

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I would be jizzing in my pants if this is what we're getting on draft day, simply because I can't see it happening. Gilyard in the 3rd is possible, just because I haven't been impressed with him so he could be a value pick in the 3rd. Briscoe in the 4th? I think the guy's just too good to slip that far.

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