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Jerry Richardson is alive and well

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Is there any question that JR is back? Wow! First off he comes back and looks at his sons and says "What in the world have you done?" I know I was involved, but I was in and out of coherence.You game Pep $16MM for 1 year? You gave Jake a guaranteed $12M for 4 years? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he sends his own sons packing. He then looks and Fox and Hurney and says you are not getting an extension. No way! I blame you both too, but I will wait to make a change with the labor agreement on the way. So now.. who will you cut to pay for Jake's contract cause I ain't paying for it? And then he says to the Rooneys (who by the way have signed no one yet) and to a few others in the league, we will not spend like crazy. I want to be in position to get what we want as owners and not worry about my contracts. And once we get past this..... all of these restricted FA will be unrestrictred. We will have money. By my count at least $28MM if not more and we really won't be that bad of a team assuming we can keep our nucleus together and add pieces.I love our chances in the future and I think we actually won't be that bad this year either. Thanks Big CAT.I love your tenacity!!!!!

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In that 28 million are you counting us having to resign Dwill, davis, kalil, and a host of other players in 11 then Beason and a few others in 2012???

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