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here we go again....

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I generally agree with arguing over the lack of respect we get, although I really think "popularity" is what we lack more than respect. We are respected, people who follow the NFL know we are good, teams fear us, etc. We just aren't a popular NFL team compared to some others, so we don't draw a lot of interest from major media outlets. The NFL is a business. They are about ratings and giving the people what they want and we aren't a draw. I think popularity will come our way the older we get and the more fans we have. Even the Packers have proven that with time, even a small market, can be a popular team!!! BUT a young team like ours lacks tradition and true diehard fans... just look at the number of tickets people are trying to sell for this weekend's game because people don't want to go! Maybe they are broke, the economy, whatever BUT do you see that many Gaints fans giving away their tickets? No, because they live and breath football. We aren't there, not yet, but our organization is building a great team and compared to the Jaguars, who got the same start as us, we are on a GREAT track.

As far as not getting enough attention for this upcoming game against Arizona, popularity factor aside, this just isn't a BIG game. :) The Cardinals are a good club, sure, BUT they haven't won ONE game on the east coast, we are undefeated at home, and the Panthers haven't lost to the Cardinals in like 8 straight games or something. I mean... talk about lacking drama.

Now, you compare our cut & dry game to New York vs. Philly. Again, popularity --- two huge TV markets (Ny & Philly) but besides popularity --- check this out: Philly beat New York in New York a few weeks back, right? They match up well againt the Giants. Hell, this has to be the BIG game. I love Carolina but when I look at our game and the Philly/Gaints game, I really think that is a much BETTER game on paper, etc.

Let's be honest.

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great another no respect thread

We have the only NFC playoff game of the day. Is that not enough for you?

There are only 8 teams left. How ignored could we possibly get?


It has only been a few hour since the first round ended. We will get talked about enough over the next few days and hopefully the team in not paying any attention.

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