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The good news for us is Edg is pissed off and the cardinals finally have some what of a running game

Yeah, you know, Edge performing well Saturday surprised the hell out of me. When I saw that he was refusing to return next season I thought the Cards were dead in the water. There was off-field drama developing, nobody would want to block for Edge, etc. Instead he comes out and dominates. Now it looks like Arizona has a complete offense. Where did that even come from?

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Look both teams are looking to be pretty even, if built a little different. They have the better passing game, we have the better running game.

But we have some advantages.

We are playing at home. We are undefeated at home. We beat them once, and as afraid as we may be of the "revenge" factor, I think getting beaten and KNOWING you were beat by a team, does more to the Arizona psyche than does "oooo, watch out they are out for revenge". I doubt our guys are afraid of that.

For one, they may have a better passing game, but that doesn't mean we don't either. You could argue, that our passing game, if you could compare it, is more solid then their running game which is just now coming together. In other words we are a more complete team and have been ALL season long.

And that's exactly where I think we will have the advantage. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE seems to be underestimating our passing game. And IDK, if that was kind of what Fox wanted in the first place. And that is to establish our team as one of the elite rushing team of the NFL, and make everyone forget about Smith, Moose, and Jake or heck, even Dante much the same way people used to forget about Ricky and then BOOM on third down there he was out of nowhere. You will see that all this week everyone is going to be talking our running game, Stewart and Williams. Even tonight on ESPN, our passing game and Steve Smith was reffered to as more of an afterrhought: GOOD that's what I am sure Fox wants and so do I.

That's exactly what I want the Cardinals to think. That we can't beat them through the air and let them prepare mostly for our running game. It's going to be great. Let's not forget our coaches name. It speaks for itself. He's name is not just Fox, he acts like one.

And let's not forget that when it comes to adjusting, we have done an amazing job this year. With so many guys getting hurt and our O-line getting shuffled around this year so much, we were still able to play well after moving guys around, with our back-ups and so on. So if, God-forbid, we do have some injuries in the coming weeks I feel pretty confident we can overcome them. We will not panic. I'm not so sure the same can be said about the other guys.

We also have TWO running backs that CAN, if needed be full time running backs if one were to get hurt.

That's just a huge advantage, IMO.

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I really don't see AZ's defense doing anything to stop DWill. They couldn't the first time (6.4 avg.) and they won't this time. As long as our secondary stops the big plays and the D gets off the field on 3rd downs, our run game will do the rest.

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For the record Warner is a class act and should have gotten more rep for his play this year. BTW Fitz is the only guy that beats out our Smitty.

Turner needs ALOT of carries to get his yards...he is slow.

Williams is the hottest back in the league and out OL makes the Falcons look like a JV squad. We are very big and physical.

We need to worry about your passing game.....but the Cardinals will have NO answer for Double Trouble.

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