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Will We Sign Our Younger Players to Long Term Contracts?

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With the "youth movement" and the "purge" of about every high priced contract we had, will the Panthers FO spend the money to lock up our younger talent?

Hurney made a point to say that this whole offseason was geared around our younger players, and that is their focus now.

With that, will they take the chance and spend the money to secure them for the future?

Lately it looks like Richardson is interested in NOTHING but making sure his pocket book is not so "light" in 2010, does this mean that he wont give Hurney the green light on signing our younger players to long term contracts?

It seems Richardson has been gearing up for a lockout, and making sure he doesnt have to pay large salaries in 2011.

If thats true, we will lose players like Dwill, Davis, Kalil, and others...

So is this all a "purge" with no regard to field a competitive team in interest of making sure Richardson doesnt lose money, or will he use the cap space cleared by peppers and cutting vets to make sure he can secure the nucleus of the team together for many more years?

(Right now we are poised to be WAY under what used to be the minimum amount that had to be spent by teams under the old CBA, we will go cheap, or will we focus on playing football?)

What say you.....

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fiz just a casual observation. You have amazingly small ears.

oh i know

when I'm your age though they'll be normal sized ears. Just another 60 years to go.

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i think the ear growing gene skipped my generation.

Don't worry, your nose grows your entire life and if you're lucky your nuts will hang down to your knees when you're 75. :D

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ha ha. Back to ak's question. I don't think so. Maybe alot of multiyears or incentive laden contracts to bridge till 2012. After that I say yes.

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hmmm baseless len pasquarelli speculation or a prediction by pstall

what is more worthless?

he Panthers may "lock up" DeAngelo Williams with a contract extension before this season, according to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli.

Williams' current deal expires after the 2010 campaign. The Panthers have no plans of moving away from their run-heavy scheme, so keeping Williams in the fold along with Jonathan Stewart makes sense. Both are elite backs.

Source: ESPN.com

Related: Jonathan Stewart

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