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Re-look at DE and WR

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96 Brayton, Tyler- #2/3 spot starter and can play DT on passing downs

91 Brown, Everette=-#2/3 has above average pass rushing skills

95 Johnson, Charles- #1 4 yrs in the league and still only 23 yrs old.

66 Moore, Eric DE- camp comp

97 Taylor, Hilee- a meeks DE, could be a 3rd specialist

19 Jackson, Dexter- former 2nd round 2008 pick. could be #4/5 has return skills

80 Jarrett, Dwayne- looked like a real WR when Matt threw him the ball. I think Meshawn got in ears about hating on Jake, so Dwayne had no faith in Jake.

83 Martin, Charly- #4/5 with special team skills

81 Moore, Kenneth- #3 with returner skills, got better each passing day

89 Smith, Steve- #1 nuff said

Wright, Wallace-#5 with special team skill, main comp will be martin.

Not so dire like most make it out. Moore throwing to Jarrett is the wild card. I was a Jarrett supporter for the first two years, but the ray of light was seen in the last game. Five catches for 68 yards and a tounchdown. I'm not saying he can step up and be a true 2, but who knows. Camp with Matt and maybe a miracle happens...

DE, brayton resigning did wonders. For team morale and versatility. Brayton fills two spots rotational DE and long yard DT downs. Taylor could be a sleeper here too, hes had time to learn and grow.

overall not so bad

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Dexter Jackson is still salvageable. He needs to go though Steve Smith training. But we can't bank on him panning out. DJ will be effective but we need another legit threat.

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I agree about the Brayton signing. We now have 3 good quality defensive ends.Hilee Taylor is a DE that fits Meeks system. As long as Brown lives up to expectations our loss of Peppers will be forgoten. Now that we signed Brayton I dont see us drafting a DE unless for depth but WR is clearly our need. I wonder if our staff believes Jackson could be the answer. If our first pick in the draft is a WR that can return kicks then that will answer our question on Jackson

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