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Why Ari beating Atl was a good thing...

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I agree with everything you said here except for Warner being overly susceptible to the rush. I heard this week on Sirius that he has the 2nd quickest release time of any QB in the league this year. Peppers said that, even when he was unblocked, he couldn't get there because Warner got rid of the ball so quickly. The secondary is the unit that will need to step up big on the D side of the ball. Of course, the run game will be central to our success on Offense. Stacking the box will be a recipe for disaster with #89, not to mention #87. Keeping Warner on the bench with a sustained running attack will be huge.

Great thought provoking post!

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No doubt that Warner has a quick release but often his decision making can be a little suspect-

I rewatched most of the Ari/Atl game and noticed that Ari is totally predicated on the big play- sustained drives are just not in their makeup with out one big play- now I know that often in this league you usually need one big play of 10+ yds to break open a drive because it is often too much to ask for a team to squeeze out 4+ 3rd and short to medium conversions but Ari is really dependent on it

Also I watched Edge turn a lot of yds on draw plays as the outside rush overran and the inside push was non-existent and where their LBs got sucked up into blockers- THAT CAN/Should NOT HAPPEN with us- I believe if we just stay disciplined that we will prevail-

Case in point on their first drive the safety bit on a play action flee-flicker and Fitzgerald came down with a TD- GODFREY last game against N.O. TOTALLY sniffed out a similar play from Brees and broke up the pass to colston- this shows that he has matured

I think if we can make sure to

1. hold the LOS with our line and backers

2. make sure to get a jam on the whomever the slot receiver is (Breaston/Boldin) to prevent any easy releases and unopposed crossing


3. make sure our safeties play their deep responsibilites and keep the game in front of them- This is tied to number 1 as if Harris is needed to drop in to the box WE ARE IN TROUBLE...

4. I am not so worried about their TE's as POPE is a JOKE and Spach will hopefully be needed to chip/block on Peppers/Brayton- I expect Brayton to have a bigger game than Pep but we need to make sure to roll the blitz to his same side more often to prevent his overpursuit from open running lanes and open draws

5. Ill say what is totally obvious but still a truism- if we can get pressure with just our front 4- no contest- but we can still win if we can roll blitzes comfortably out of our nickel and make sure to jam the slot/TE to preven the safe cross routes of their speedy Boldin/Breaston

6. One final observation on the ATL game- BAKER the rookie Tackle was OWNED the entire game---he looked slow- hopefully our grass will negate their TURF speed and WARNERS comfortzone and Their CROWD noise which I think was a factor as well

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