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My mock draft(you'll need to be sitting down)...

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I can't stop thinking about these scenarios so I wanted to throw them all into one just to see what it will look like. As crazy as this is I think it's also pretty realistic in the terms of the trades and trade partners. It happening all at the same time is what is pretty insane. It also doesn't consider real world factors like team morale, and the possibilities of draft picks not working out. Be sure and read the whole post.

There are 3 trades in this draft.

We trade our 2011 1st, this year's 2nd, and our 6th to New England at #22. New England has 4 2nd round picks this year and 3 1st rounders next year. Not such a crazy thing to propose.

We trade Deangelo Williams to the Chargers for their first 2nd rounder and their 6th. I don't approve with this but I'll be able to accept it once everything is said and done. I don't think they would do this though.

As soon as the 1st day is over, we put marshall on the market. Nobody bites in the 2nd but Richard Marshall eventually gets traded to Clevland for their 1st 3rd round pick.

We trade Cleveland's 3rd and our 4th for Osi Umenyiora.

Now that the shenanigans are over, on to the draft!

1st - Kyle Wilson CB/RS - a very good cover corner with good ball skills. Can get turnovers. Also is a good returner which would give us options although I wouldn't expect him to fill that role.

2nd - Golden Tate - WR/RS - a Steve Smith clone. Don't know if he falls this far but there is a chance.

3rd - D'Anthony Smith DT - an upside guy. Could be good but will need time and coaching to develop. This is a good pick since he can learn for a while as the 5th DT working into the line-up later in the year. That is if we don't stash him on IR.

6th - David Reed WR - talented WR, should be able to easily make the team.

6thc - Travis Goethel - OLB depth.

6thc - Joe Hawley - C - versatile center for Magazu to coach up.

7th - Denis Landolt - OT - depth.

7thc - Robert Malone P - Baker is above average but I wouldn't mind seeing some competition.

So how did we turn out?

DE - we replace Peppers with an experienced vet who can be a 10+ sack guy who can help draw away double teams. We can't replace Peppers with another Everette Brown, we need immediate help.

DT - despite what people say, I don't think we're that bad off at defensive tackle. We're going to have a heavy rotation so a young guy with tons of upside fits well into the position we are in.

WR - Steve Smith wants a talented WR to draw attention so he can play the slot. Sorry Smitty, YOU draw away attention while Tate plays the slot. I'm sorry you're one of the best WR's in the league but it works a lot better that way. We also get a late round guy to take that 5th spot who is better than Moore or Martin.

CB - We replace Richard Marshall, a guy who we are only keeping for one more year with Kyle Wilson, a guy we'll be keeping for 5 years who will be better in less than 1 year. We can also sign him to a cap friendly contract because of the uncapped year. Genius;).

Ryan Kalil, Deangelo Williams, Dwayne Jarrett, Dante Rosario, Charles Johnson, Matt Moore, Richard Marshall, Thomas Davis.

These are the guys who are coming into FA in 2011. We're not going to be able to keep all of them.

Richard Marshall wants a big contract, get rid of him now for compensation. We draft his replacement immediately who will most likely be better.

Deangelo Williams doesn't want a big contract, but he certainly deserves one. Teams will offer him big contracts. Even the contract he will accept here is going to be pretty big. As painful as it is, in business terms it's a good move to trade him now. JR has been making business moves all season, why stop now?

Stewart can carry the load, and Sutton is no slouch. We also have Goodson would could fill in some. It's beautiful to have Double Trouble, but one reason they're great is because of our O-line. We can still be great without 2 all-pro RBs. A runningback behind this O-line is a lot easier to replace than a center, WLB, or QB. And it's not like we can't draft another young RB later.

We can probably just squeeze Kalil, Moore, Davis, Rosario, and Johnson in with the money we save with Williams and Marshall.

So if this were to happen, we would have every pressing need addressed, be able to sign all of our core in 2011, and only be out next year's 2011 1st.

It's crazy but I could live with this.

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Glad you aren't our GM. ;) And you didn't even draft a RB to replace DWill.

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I mock your mock.

You mock

I mock

We Mock together

Seriously I really really :smilielol5: at this

Congrats this is offically the worst Panthers Mock I have ever seen in my life

We lose Williams, Marshall, and our 1st next year and what do we have to show for it

A late 1st round pick and Osi!! Thats it... that's all we gained!! Then we don't have a 4th round pick now.

Stay off the drugs dude... Really... Atleast I hope you were :sifone: when you posted this.

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I've made much more sensible mocks before but those get boring. I've already made about 5 so I wanted to do something a little crazy. People who have been reading this board know I enjoy doing lots of different scenarios. I originally was going to do this one and a more serious one, but I didn't feel like clogging up the board with another mock so close to draft day. This one was a lot more fun to put together.

This isn't something I necessarily think we should do or what I think will happen, which is why I mention it being crazy, insane, etc. However, it's about the only way I see to address all of our needs. If it did happen, I would freak a little but I think it would end pretty well. It would also help clear room to sign all of our big names in 2011. I'd rather keep Davis, Kalil, and Moore than Williams & Marshall.

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