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My mock draft(you'll need to be sitting down)...

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Why on earth would we take only a 2nd and 6th for Williams? And how exactly did you expect both Tate and Wilson to fall that far? Wilson most likely will go in the first 15 picks and Tate most likely will be in the 1st.

Your mock would probably ruin our team. 2 great young starters for peanuts and a next to impossible mock draft otherwise. I'm fine with trading them both but trading them just for the sake of trading them is foolish consider neither is making a fuss about wanting out of here. If we could get a top 20 pick for dwill and a 2nd for Marshall I'm fine with it. Anything less and they have more value to us.

Marshall for a 3rd thats ridiculous. Why are people so obsessed with draft picks? Even as a NB hes worth more then that to us.

If Wilson or Tate don't make it that far then just insert whatever CB and WR does. Or flip flop it and take Tate first then a guy like Chris Cook or something.

I would take a 2nd and 6th for Williams because that's as good an offer that we will get. RB's are easy to replace so I don't think the chargers would give up a 1st when they have other needs. I think Stewart would be able to carry the load just fine, and sutton/goodson could relieve him well.

Also, we have a ton of FA's to sign next year. With our O-line just about any back we put behind it is going to be effective. It's a lot harder to find guys like Davis, Kalil, or Moore than it would be Williams. We're not going to be able to keep all of them so I'd rather put money towards the guys who are harder to replace.

I also don't think Marshall will be around next year either. So drafting his replacement now would make sense. Also, I don't think we could get a 2nd for him. Real world examples you will rarely get what you are asking for. I would rather trade him for compensation now.

We use the pick from Marshall to get Osi Umenyiora. We get an impact guy for a 3rd and 4th. Osi would help us out a lot more than Marshall considering we just lost Peppers.

So in short the reason I traded Marshall and Williams was because were not going to be able to keep all 5 stars in 2011, and these are the guys that are the easiest to let go.

Again, this isn't what I honestly think we should do or will do. I just got bored with the same ol' mock drafts over and over again. So I wanted to do something a little more fun and interesting. If this happened I'd be able to understand why they did it, maybe not agree with it. But I would at least get the idea.

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With the CURRENT draft order, I don't see Tate going in the first. Someone could trade up for him though.

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