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I'm laughing watching the Bobcats get there butts wiped by Orlando and drinking ! In this state of mind I was thinking about the panthers. There is something we all forgot about! Carolina has other patterns that show up in there drafts. They like taking pairs of players from the same school. I could be dunk but i think I might be right. So lets make a Mock wereyou have to use 2 players fromthe same school!

48 Damian Williams WR USC

78 Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida

112 Riley Cooper WR Florida

175 Marcus Easley WR Conn

202 Jeff Byers OG USC

204 Andre Dixon RB Conn

223 Leigh Tiffin PK Alabama

249 Drew Davis OT Alabama

As messes up asI am this looksgoodto me!

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    • I would be more than happy with a battle of the Carolinas for the title (if for no other reason than it means we got by UK and KU). Please beat Florida for me.  I am sick of hearing about them.
    • Ross for me. Davis is good, but the same way Ross' previous injuries give people pause, so should Davis' competition. You can only play who's on your schedule, but Davis played against inferior talent and, for the most part, got shutdown against good schools (Wisconsin, OSU). He did dominate the other schools so I'm not saying he won't be a good pro. I just think this T.O. talk and saying he's going to beast out could be premature.  Davis last game he was shut down by Wisconsin and then, due to injury, hasn't run at the combine or his pro day. For me, that's a little risky too at #8.  I wouldn't take Ross at 8, but what we need based off of our roster is a player of Ross' abilities and strengths, IMO. I wouldn't be mad with Davis, but I prefer Ross and would not want either at #8.