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Carolina Husker

Did Jimmy Clausen get a DUI Wednesday or something?

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In the world of ESPN soundbites, when a player gets a rep for even a minor thing like being a little cocky, it gets blown up like its the guys main character trait. Here is the 100% truth:

Clausen is not an "Aw, shucks, I'm justhappy to be playing" type of soundbite guy. He's good. He works really hard to be good, and he knows he's good.

I've heard stories of him being a stuck up dick sometimes to some students on campus, but if I had a dime for every stuck up dick on a football scholarship, I'd be rich.

As far as beeing a team player and a leader. Last summer, he was so dead set on establishing rythym comradery and feeling with his receivers that he had Michael Floyd, Golden Tate and Kyle Rudolph fly out to California for a weeks vacation and to work out on passing routes.....all on Clausen's dime. And while I've heard he would probably not have the academic smarts to get into Notre Dame on his own, he is definitely known as a study addict when it comes to game film and preparation.

So is he Mahatma Ghandi? No.

Does he have a little bit of the Football Star ego? Yeah.

Does he want to win? Yeah

Is he willing to pay the price of winning? Yeah

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People questioned Crabtree's attitude as well. When he got on the field he was the best rookie WR by far last year. Maybe the best rookie offensive player...

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