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Happy Panther

Okinawa says US troops can go now.

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I have never understood why countries around the world let us keep 10s of thousands of troops on their land. I get the benefit to the US as world police

Japan is an obvious one to say get the heck out. They have a sturdy army.

Cuba is a funny one. Basically we sent them a rent check a few decades ago and they refused to cash it. So we just stayed and they ignore us. Funny for a country that declared us evil and we have embargoed for 40 years

We have tons in Germany and Italy. I would have thought Germany would say..."so WWII was a long time ago..."

Or do they think we are a good deterrent against Russia?

29,000 troops in NK makes sense I guess

I'm not complaining, just is interesting

Tens of thousands of Okinawan residents and leaders demanded a U.S. Marine base be moved off the island at a mass rally Sunday, inflamed by speculation the government may finally accept a plan to merely relocate it to another part of the southern Japanese island.

Okinawans have long complained of the burden of hosting most of 47,000 American troops in Japan under a security pact. Okinawa was under U.S. occupation until 1972 and many residents resent the U.S. military presence as legacy of Japan's World War II defeat.

Tokyo and Washington agreed in 2006 to move sprawling Futenma Marine Corps air field to a less crowded part of Okinawa and to move 8,000 of its Marines to Guam. But when Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama took power last September he said he would not honor the deal struck by his political rivals and promised to find a site off Okinawa for the troops.

"We will not allow the base to stay here," Okinawa Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima told the cheering crowd. "We want the Hatoyama government to keep its promise."

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Money and lots of it.

Japan as a nation with a actual self sufficient defence force is a recent development. Okinawa is a fairly good staging point for Korea, which Japan has a strong interest in keeping.

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Do any other countries do this? I don't know of Russian troops spread around the world...

I'm talking about the countries with OUR troops knucklehead.

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Fine...move to Guam. Or pull back to Hawaii. But don't expect a quick reaction time if NK gets ronery and decides to piss everyone off.

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