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Fiz's 5 Players to watch in 2010

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alright im just going to write this real quick while I wait for my date for tonight to show up

woo boy I classed it up last night

This assumes two things:

1. Matt Moore is going to be the starter

2. AKPantherFan dies in a completely acceptable snow mobile mishap

Gary Barnidge

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Jake's progression in 2009 was Steve Smith-Jeff King-Corner back-Steve Smith. Gary Barnidge is an athletic white guy and if the NBA has taught me anything it's that an athletic white guy is nigh unstoppable if you can just get him involved.

The end of last year showed that Matt Moore was better able to spread the ball around than Jake "cans of corn" Delhomme. This makes a lot of sense. Obviously running the second team, Moore didn't get a lot of opportunities to throw to first teamer Jeff King, and it'd make sense that in the ridiculous scramble play against Minnesota he'd be looking for Barnidge.

Gary has the height, speed, and whiteness to be a productive tight end in this league as long as we have a guy that can get him the ball.

"Pax" Armanti Edwards

I don't give a poo if you think I'm drinking the kool-aid. Armanti was a big recruit out of high school at wide receiver and had a full ride on the table from Georgia. As bad as Georgia has been recently, they've recruited AJ Green, Mohommad Massoquoi, and almost got Calvin Johnson, so at least they know talent when they see it.

Armanti is a mother f**ker on the football field, and has the speed and athletic ability to make defenders blush. All reports indicate that he remembered just fine how to play wide receiver, and "wide open" doesn't begin to describe the number 2 wide receiver role for the Panthers.

I expect him to beat out Lefell and Dwayne Jarrett's corpse.

Charles Johnson

Motherf**ker it is time for you to step the f**k up. We drafted your ass in the third, and it's time for you to show you were worth it.

Seriously, Johnson came into a situation where he was expected to bulk up and play the position that Brayton/Rucker have played for this team. Well, guess what? Now you get to slim back down and do what you did at Georgia: murder quarterbacks.

the Panthers are going to need someone to step up in a big way on the defensive line, preferably at least two. We obviously know what Brayton is going to bring to the team, but the Panthers will be a thousand times better off if he is supplanted in training camp.

Mackenzie Schwartz Robinson

Yeah obviously this isn't a player but the Panthers have three capable bodies on the offensive line and one spot for them. Mackenzie and Schwartz performed admirably at tackle after Gross and Otah got hurt last year, but now one of them needs to step up and play RG.

It'll be very interesting to see who comes out of that battle, reminiscent of when the Panthers found Keydrick Vincent. The position is wide open, and the spot belongs to whoever wants it more.

I understand that the RG position is arguably the easiest to fill on offense, but when you're going to lean so hard on your running game, you need as good of players as possible at every spot. One of these guys is going to step up. It'll be fun to see which one it is.

Sherrod "The Jackal" Martin

I was foaming at the mouth when the Panthers drafted this asshole last year. Though I completely understand the Panthers draft strategy (BPA regardless of everything) I still get pissed off when they take someone I've never heard of from a school I thought was just a greek city.

However, the early returns this year on Martin have been promising, and in limited action last year he was like that ukrainian dude who worked for the greeks in season 2 of the wire.

With the Panthers jettisoning chris harris, he's slotted to start, and if he can at least be average, the Panthers will be just fine. The spot is there for him to make plays. Hopefully he can do it.

I'm drunk as f**k and it's like 715. here's a gif and a youtube


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Gary has the height, speed, and whiteness to be a productive tight end in this league as long as we have a guy that can get him the ball.

I usually don't much care for your sense of Humor but that made me chuckle. I also agree he needs to be more involved in our pass game.

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two things:

1) your thread sounds more important when your name is in the title.

2) no chance you get any. you gets no nookie

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The chick in the teal bikini is hotter, BTW.

I don't know who to look for this season; there's too many unknowns. The better question is what does this offseason resemble in terms of mirroring previous offseasons? To me, this is like the 2003 offseason. A bunch of changes and a lot of uncertainty about what will happen. I'm NOT saying that this will necessarily turn out like 2003, but that was the last offseason I can remember feeling so miffed as to how I think the team will actually turn out.

Damn the offseason is boring....

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Edwards will be a stud, but he'll be one in the slot. LaFell is going to be our #2 because he can block like a fullback.

The guys to watch on defense will be Everette Brown and Dan Connor.

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