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sad news (not panther related)

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RIP Michael Pacleb Umayam. We lost our baby boy this past friday 5/21/10. My wife was 17 weeks pregnant when she miscarried. It's just a harsh reminder that no matter how perfect you think your life is going and how much in control you think you are, the realities of life are undeniable and you can never be prepared for the tragedies that will be presented to you. We were both on top of the world. We had just found out he was a boy on monday and were preparing to take our 14 month old to disneyland for the first time when her water suddenly broke. We lost him later that day. I'm not the most active member in the forums but I'm just here to spread the message that you need hold on to what you have as tightly as you can because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Now begins the long road to recovery.

Please keep us in you prayers,

Allen and Rosyl Umayam

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I've been in the same situation before man, its a hard thing to deal with and it'll take time to calm down, but you'll get there and when the time is right you will have another child on the way and cherish every little moment with your wife and kid...sorry for your loss man

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be strong and my prayers are with you. My wife and I have been fortunate to have a healthy baby @ 25 weeks. Although he has a trache, everything we've been through is a blessing and he's my family's miracle.

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