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New to the Site, Not New to the Game

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Hey all, jumping over from a sinking ship site found elsewhere. This place looks like fun and I'll be around for awhile.

Retired US Navy 1993, moved east from SoCal (former LA Raider season ticket owner) and bought Panther tickets in 1995. Had some blog stuff going, wrote for a couple other sites and decided the best part of these boards are the fans and reading stuff from everyone.

Thanks for having me aboard...

Welcome to the huddle, homes. Enjoy and stick around!

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The Scout-run site was taken over by a Charger fan in San Diego and basically put up a thread that nobody was allowed to bad-mouth his site lest they be banned. He also brought in his own "writer" and didn't say anything to the guys who were getting paid. By the way, they're obviously not getting paid anymore.

Lorentrook left just last week, gmonet is still around and pops in here and there; 'Zilla is doing his thing somewhere....

I'll be bringing in some of the regulars from there as things further tank into no web-traffic oblivion.

scout was like that new ***** on thee block in 2000, but since 2003 she been a slow death. few wanted to believe it...

back in thee day, scout was my fav. it was smaller group professional opinionerrrrs. then i got on the badside of a few ie jackassofalltrades and browneyethomas(both post here) and got the hammer. thats after zilla fought for me. zillas still good people cause it took him awhile to ban me and my stick, i dont hold it against him. i was uncomfy to the few he had at his site.

huddle needs more posters such as yourself, its far too polluted with tards(myself), high schoolesx clicks, whaaaaaaaaars and people you have no idea about NFL football.

do me a favor and PM my brother form another mother aka lorentrook. just say hi and ask how the hell is he still among the living? i bet trooky is drinking pints of virgins blood in order to live... that or massive amounts of stem cells.

welcome :co:

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Whats up, ABH. i remember you from catzillas site. i left last year when it started getting stupid....welcome. I like this site much better, although alot more D-bags around here.....they are very knowledgable D-bags. Alot of good football talk (once you get past all the ass and titties!)

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^^^ Can I see your card? What man doesnt appreciate some T&A? :cool:

Welcome Anybodyhome, and thank you for your years of service...

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