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Which trade do you prefer?

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The trade set up to Toronto...

Or the trade that actually happened, to Dallas...

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dallas. Damps contract is more enticing than the juan calderon

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Toronto we'd have a starting PG at least!

And we'd have lost one of best trade chips as essentially a throw-in. There's still a chance the Calderon deal could get done, just without Chandler included. Chandler was orignially included so we could get some of the trade exception, and Toronto has way too many guards on their payroll. It wouldn't surprise me if this trade was revisted, and Diaw and Mohammad get sent to Toronto for Calderon.

I don't think we can look at the Dallas deal as a singularity. When you move Tyson Chandler for Eric Dampier, you're getting a better trade chip to work with. Jordan has something up his sleeve that's going to require Dampier getting traded, I fully believe that. There's nothing about the Dallas trade that says "ok, we're done!" and considering that our FO has been pretty solid when it comes to trades, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they've got something else coming.

But if they don't, they can go fug themselves.

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    • Yeah.... a single person of a religion encompassing over a billion people on the planet.  I don't see social media blowing up with the Muslim community in the western part of the world denouncing these attacks.  When Dillon Roof happened, there were a lot of Christians that denounced him immediately and repeatedly.  The point is that effective change for this extremism must come from within those communities.   The tide is turning, but people within those communities still feel fear of reprisal from within their culture for saying anything that could be construed as aligning with anti-Muslim stances.  Those dangers shouldn't be summarily dismissed for those that are brave enough to take this stand. I also stated that the media needs to do their part in accurately portraying these denouncements.  What I see instead is the media propping up ridiculous caricatures of people rather than your average person.  
    • The drive killing penalties he gets, lazy route running, and drops offset his potential upside. He is better suited as a tight end in this league
    • ..... the Panthers will usually tweet the most flattering videos.   (Pours gas on fire)