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Farve's agent Bus Cook sounds off

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Favre's agent Bus Cook recently went off to a reporter for Men's Journal magazine when he found out that Favre had told ESPN's Ed Werder that he was still having trouble with his ankle from hits he took in the NFL championship game. Cook:

"I know you're media, but do you know who I hate? The g**damn media! You watch ESPN this morning? Brett talked to g**damned Ed Werder at ESPN, says he needs ankle surgery. Now why did he do that? I've got Childress calling. I've got reporters calling all damn morning. G**dammit, why does he have to be such a g**damned drama queen? Play, don't play, g**damn, people are getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of it! Why does he have to talk to these people? What good does it do? Ed Werder at ESPN! What's he ever done for anybody other than say, ‘Look, look, Mommy, I got this first, ain't I special?' You got problems with surgery, talk to your wife. Why talk to g**damned Ed Werder?"

Oh, dear. The best part of the story was that the reporter was there for Favre's arrival at Cook's office after the outburst.

"Jesus, Brett. You never learn. You guys go talk. I've got g**damn phone calls to make." He pokes a finger at Brett. "Thanks to you."

Of course, Favre was his usual disingenuous self.

"I guess I screwed up. I didn't think it was a big deal. I just told him that I might need surgery. [Werder] made it into a big thing."


apparently this was a bit tongue in cheek. but we all know everything he said was true...

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Brett is the biggest drama queen of them all. I blame it all on him. Attention *****!

Saltman vs. Brett Favre in a *****-off...who wins??

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