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Peppers impressing in bears camp

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 08:58 AM

Peppers gets some criticism for not being consistently great. But in truth, most of the crticism is undeserved. I think that Peppers probably played as hard as most NFL players do, but more is expected from him. Many players have up and down numbers. I don't think that its an intentional thing. But look at what Mr. always going 100% (Jared Allen) did last year. Had 9 1/2 sacks in three games, and only 5 in the other games. The year before, he had 10.5 in 5 games, four in all the others combined. In his game against us, he was rarely heard from. Why doesn't he get called out for not going 100% in all games.

I have said this many times, but to no avail.

Good pass rushers pad their sack totals against poor pass O's, or bad LT's.

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 10:06 AM

The real question for Bear fans like myself is not "which Peppers" shows up (silly) but rather, what will be the result of the numerous double teams he draws?

Will Tommie ever be special again?
Will anyone else on that line take advantage of the situation?

And when they can't get pressure, can the backs cover?

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 10:23 AM

I am sorry for respecting the best player in franchise history, say whatever you want but Steve Smith didnt make any all decade teams.

Julius Peppers was never embraced as a hometown hero and in absolutly no way was he connected to Charlotte like Lebron was with Ohio. Julius never asked to be in the spotlight and never self proclaimed himself the king. Unlike Lebron he never said he loved the city of Charlotte and went out of his way to make promises of bringing a Super Bowl to Charlotte and claim he was never leaving until his job was finished liked Lebitch. Julius Peppers also the best free agent in his sport in 2010 never sat on national tv and embarassed the organization like Lefraud. Julius Peppers never teamed up with a bunch of his friends to try and take the easy way out and ruin the rest of league by stacking a team. So to compare the two are outrageous.

Peppers was very upfront last year and said he did not want to be here and that he felt he wasnt being used to his full potential. He didnt do anything wrong, people demand trades every year. I remember both Lance Briggs and Chad Ochocinco demanding trades, but there fans took their tampons out and accepted them again. It is possible for a player to demand a trade and say he is not happy and for things to still work out. The Panthers just were not interested in making things work. Peppers handled it with class and didnt bad mouth the team, he didnt hold out of training camp, and he went out and put up a pro bowl season. You did not hear him whine and complain once throughout the season.

He even said after he signed the tender he was open to a long term contract but Richardson wouldnt budge and give him the contract he wanted. He then went on the radio to discuss everything. Now usually I believe players BS and everything but I truly believed everything Peppers said. Never does he go out of the way to speak to the media but he went on the radio to discuss everything, way out of character for him. He sounded nervous and was stumbling over his words which also proved to me it was not all scripted and he was being up front. He stated that the Panthers had not contacted him at all other then a text message. If you were truly interested in bringing a franchise player back you do a little more then send him a text message.

I would be turned off too and so would all of you if you put up an All Pro season and your team cant even pick up the phone and call you to discuss a contract. It was obvious that Jerry Richardsons ego was hurt. He wanted to build his franchise around Peppers, he wanted Peppers to be the leader of this team, and he treated Julius like a son. When Julius failed his drugs test his rookie year JR was nothing but supportive. He envisioned Julius being a career Panther and being the first Carolina Panther in the Hall of Fame.

Well when Julius demanded a trade the year before JR felt betrayed and became stubborn. He had no interest in bringing Julius back and no matter how they made it seem they were never serious with any offer. This all became about Jerry Richardsons bruised ego. It is unheard of to me how you can just let your best defensive or at least most important player go without a serious contract off in an uncapped year. Say whatever you want about Jon Beason but no team game plans for Beason like they do Peppers.

The reason I get so defensive on this whole subject because this just proves how poor our fan base really is. To compare Julius to Lebrons situatuib is moronic at best. If you want to get mad at Julius then get mad at Richardson as well. You cant tell me that the organization thought he was that important to the team to franchise him and let him eat up their whole cap one year and then the next year with no cap they feel he isnt important anymore and let him go. Once again the number one reason Julius Peppers will not be retiring a Carolina Panther is Jerry Richardson and his bruised ego and its truly a shame. I really wish there was a way for JR to read this because it is true.

Lebron is a bitch and so is Pep though. Who didn't love Peppers when he was here? I know I did but he left so he is now a bitch on a different team.