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The panthers and "identity"...

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I've had a few days to reflect on this season and I noticed one thing...

Last season, we were in disarray, we never had the right personel for zone blocking, we didn't have any viable recievers past smith, and we had seen what it's like without a QB at the helm

I think fox and co. took a long look at themselves and relized that they had strayed from the path, they needed to get back to what works and what they do best

We picked our road grading RT in an agressive trade, signed about a half ton of right guards and let them battle it out in TC, we drafted the best rookie power back, we found our possesion reciever and we did this knowing all the while that our QB would come back healthy.

These assertive moves got the panthers to where they are at, 12-4. Rushing went from 14th to 3rd. A "good" game used to be 140 yards rushing. A good game now is 300.

I feel like the past few years we have slowly lost our defensive "identity". The big difference with this year is that we had a successful john fox style offense to help the defense out.

We used to lead the leauge in interceptions...how many did we drop this year???

We used consider 100 yards rushing an insult, 60 yards was acceptable....what was our ranking this season???

The panthers defense has lost it's identity. And it all comes back to John Fox's favorite unit, the defensive line. We don't have any elite defensive tackles and outside of peppers our ends are average. We used to make our secondaries look good, now we have the most talented secondary we've ever had, yet they look downright bad sometimes.

This is what we need to concentrate on this season, this is the time to get our identity back. Fox and Hurney know how to do this, they did it last season. No nonsense, do what you are best at and don't change the formula. If players/coaches don't fit, they're gone. The real carolina panthers are out there, now it's up to Fox and Hurney to find them.

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