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Somebody clear this up...

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MadHatter    9,513

Peppers >>>>>>>> Jared Allen, and that's why he will remain a Panther...

Based on what? Sure as hell is not production and performance in the games.

Peppers is a freak of nature. However, he does not have the motor or passion that Jare Allen, Jon Abraham, Dwight Freeney, etc.. have. These guys have non-stop motors. Peppers disappears in games.

If Peppers is blocked at the point of attack, he let's off...plain and simple.

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Urrymonster    39

Maybe Peppers lack of passion is simply because he can't stand the scheme that we use. If you are working for someone and simply do not like the way it is run, it is impossible to keep your work ethic up. Much like Jenkins a new scene may give his career and effort a huge boost.

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