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only way....

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This thread has fail all over it. Go sit on the bench with Jake.

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    • you don't need rock hard facts to reasonably comment on what Nunes has done of late.   WH went to Nunes with a goal to distract away from where the House Intel Committee was going and the direction it was going with it all out in the public.   Nunes did just that.  He shut things down on the WH behalf so they could then figure out there next moves.  Because they know what Yates and company following up Comey would lead to. Eyeball test should tell any right left or middle person that Nunes is at this point not doing an investigation but doing the WH's bidding.  The fact he talks like a lying 8 yr old and acting totally out of character in how he has handled himself speaks volumes.       you want to know what people are so interested in everything? Because Trump and company are LITERALLY doing a coverup right now.  They aren't really hiding that.  They may technically have Spicer say it is outrageous and say stuff in the media.....but there ACTIONS are actually pretty obvious and bold IMO.  So it is only reasonable to want to know what it is they are covering up.   Because really Trump and company are the ones telling people there is something.  
    • Well two of those players are off our draft board so I'm going to give this a no