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How to Resolve Panthers QB Situation (Not some Statue like Leftwich)

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First and foremost the player I KNOW can take us the distance might sound crazy to some of you, but here me out before you judge. First of all this man has not taken a snap since his glory days back in '82 but look at Matt Cassell this year, he had not started since High School either so that proves it can be done. This man also runs a highly successful door to door buisness. With the success of his buisness all signs point to great decision making which Jake proved on Saturday he does not have. This guy has a stronger arm then anybody in NFL history, he can throw the ball approx. 450 yards. He will cost less per year then Jake does per snap. He would be a High School State Champ if Coach would have put him in the 4th quarter. This guy has been saying since '82 all he wants is one more chance and God Dammit we need to give him his chance.


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if NE will let him go, draft him, and let the guy sit and learn behind Jake... I also like the idea of bringing Vinny back as a QB coach/ advisor to the team.

But really, defense comes first.. christ.. after the first half of the season, the defense has been getting worse and worse... John Fox's style works with a potent, complete defense, but falls apart otherwise.

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there's gold in them there Matt Cassels

it would take a lot of gold to get cassels and it would be gold wasted.

please.....he is the product of a good system and is going to fall flat on his face in whatever situation he goes to.

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