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Mayor Qumiby

if you could tweak anything in nascar what would it be??

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Are your crazy?? Road courses are the ish! ! I actually wish they would add another one.

Two superspeedways

Two cookie cutters

Three or four road courses


The rest would be short tracks and unique tracks

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For me i'd add a roadcourse to the chase. Plus id take away all these cookie cutter tracks and bring back a classic track like wilkesboro or the rock. Ohhh yea id also get rid of restrictor plates.

I agree for the most part. I don't think you can get rid of restrictor plates though, until some other way is found to slow them down. The reason the restrictor plates exist is to keep the cars from getting airborne and into the stands.

I would definitely take Michigan, Kansas City, Chicago, California, and Las Vegas and make them redo their tracks and make them more unique. Ok, maybe Michigan could stay as it is since it was first, but the others need to mix it up a bit.

Vegas should be a figure 8 track like my old hotwheels set. That would be interesting. :)

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If I could "tweak"...anything :eek:

("I'll take 'Threads Where Saying The First Thing That Pops Into My Head Will Get Me Killed By My Significant Other" for a hundred, Alex) :sosp:

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