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Roster Predicition / Roster cuts

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After tonight, we were given a few things to consider going forward about several guys who were previously thought to be on the bubble, or may still be... Also, I specifically want to address the WRs and DBs here b/c those seem to have the most spots available and the most open competitions (outside of Smitty, Lafell, Edwards - may find himself on IR, and our starting DBs).

I found it extremely interesting that we were playing Gettis so early, so often. I'd like to write it off as us just giving him a final look b/c the coaching staff decided he wasn't going to make it and just wanted to make sure they were right by giving him a last 'hail mary' with the 1st string... That being said, I don't think you let him out there and play that long - in the process exposing him and his abilities to other teams - without having a good idea that he'll be on your roster.

So, to accentuate on these decisions, here are a couple of guys that also made decisions a lot harder at those two spots -

For the WRs - Trent Guy, the aforementioned Gettis, and I already felt Wallace Wright was going to make it. I hope the injury isn't too serious... I excuse the fumble b/c he was trying to make something happen... It sucked, but he got open several times and made some nice grabs before he got hurt.

DBs - Glad Witherspoon decided to show up and play. He actually looked like a ball hawk out there. Seemed to move fluidly and displayed good body control on both INTs to put himself into a position to make the catch. In addition to that, he's got blazing speed and good-great return ability. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I thought I saw him come up and make a few tackles in run support. I just don't think you can let the combination of potential/talent/versatility he has go. Also, Stanford impressed me big time tonight. Nice hit and a nice play on a ball that I remember, but he should've made the INT on it.

So, how do I see our WRs and DBs corps shaping up... Hard to call it, but after tonight here it is:




Edwards (has to stay b/c of the price, I think he'll eventually be a gamebreaking type player, but this year he's gonna be spending a lot of time watching and we'll have to be patient)


Guy (close call)

Gettis (close call)

- At this point, I think Jarrett is in a bad position and could end up being cut to let Gettis get a spot and develop - He showed more in one game tonight than Jarrett has since he came here. The hits he took and to still hold onto the ball made a statement. He also seems to find the holes in the defense with ease and doesn't look anything like Gantt said he looked in TC.

If Jarrett is let go, I think K. Moore could still sneak in a spot, but I'm guessing with the youth movement, the emphasis on 'out with the old and in with the new' will continue and he'll fall victim to it as well.

I know the Guy prediction is possibly flame worthy - but as much positive things have been said about him, and then to put him out there the entire 1st half plus returning punts... that's got to say something. He's got that 'it' factor about him and reminds me of somewhere between Smitty and Davone Bess in his moves. I look forward to seeing more of him!











I've heard repeatedly that Francisco is in regardless b/c of his ST abilities but the guy can't stay healthy, so I think he's gone.

Pugh and Hudson are in for their versatility, with both currently at safety but able to step in and play CB in a pinch.

Wilson and Teal are gone... Watching those new guys out there tonight and the first two preseason games, I just don't see them hanging on. Wilson has still made some plays in the first 2 games, but I still think we're going with the youth/fresh faces overhaul.

Additionally, I'd like to point out, Hilee Taylor, Corvey Irvin, and either Leonard or Tyler is gone on the DL. And my camp sleeper (other than Guy), Eric Moore is a lock to make it -all IMHO.

Also, I'd like to point out Nic Harris seemed to play pretty well tonight and I think he's gonna give Ivy a run for his money.

That's all I got...

EDIT: Forgot to mention, if it wasn't clear that Goodson will have a spot here and his role will expand, it should be now.

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I think Wright really hurt his shoulder. He's probably going to IR.

Yeah I figured it popped out but on the TV broadcast they came back and said his return was questionable. I also think after he fumbled it and hurt himself, he decided to milk it.

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No way we go into the season with 6 WRs. Guy and Moore will be cut. Gettis has too much upsides to sneak on the PS and showed tonight he can contribute just as much as Moore. He also plays ST.

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I think the only way that Eric Moore can make it is if they cut Brayton. And I wouldnt have a problem with that.

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You can't cut T. Guy because the badassedness of the team would be ruined.

The badassedness factor of a football team is directly related to teh over-all length of dreads worn by your players. Without Guy our Badassedness Rating drops from a 9/10 to a 6/10.

No way we can afford to lose him.

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I think the only way that Eric Moore can make it is if they cut Brayton. And I wouldnt have a problem with that.

Eric Moore will make it some how. Kenny Moore will not make it.

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Here's a long shot guess-timate.....A LOOONG shot guess-timate.

I think tonight shifted up our WR roster a bit. I could see us keeping 5 guys. But I'm not sure we have all 5 of those guys on the team right now.



<<Open slot>>



I know it seems weird, but odds have always been slight that we would keep 2 WR who only contribute on special teams, and are WR back ups. 1 special teams guy on the WR squad, ok...But 2 guys that can't contribute in the passing game is just a little too much to ask for a team that focuses on the run and defense.

I think Gettis is on the practice squad, I could also see Edwards on the practice squad for the start of the season. If someone tries to sign him, then we re-evaluate other spots and make a cut. But it gives the team some time to evaluate new talent. (Maybe)

Smith, Lafell and Moore need an obvious boost. But let's be honest, nobody on this squad offers a better chance. If Jarret would have, he should have by now. He has next to nothing for numbers thus far.

With us having all young QBs it's a stretch to think anyone could come in and save the passing game (outside of Smith) but I wouldn't be surprised to see another young offensive option added to the team in the first month or so of the season. I don't know who it might be (Not Jackson or Bryant) but there are sure to be at least a couple additions to the team once cuts are made.

Some help at O-line depth is still needed, some help at LB depth could be useful, but some help in the passing game is almost a necessity, even with Smith back in the game.

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Seriously? Your gonna cut Tyler Brayton for Eric Moore. Brayton is a proven veteran and Moore has made some good plays against 2nd and 3rd team guys that wont make the team anyway. Dont get me wrong, i like the guy but seriuosly cut Brayton to keep him. You must be high.

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Eric and Kenny will end up on the PS.

How many Games did Kenny play last year. He might not be eligible ether.

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