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Listen Up New Jersey!!!!

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Listen Up New York! YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE!!!

It has been another year my friends. Another year to reflect on our lives, our passions, our acquired STD's. And like the grim raspberry reminder on the head of a penis, once again we find ourselves facing a team from New Jersey, America's genital wart.

After receiving an unmerciful beating from the Panthers last season, the New Jersey/New York Giants decided to demolish their stadium, much like Williams and Stewart demolished their defensive. Smart move boys.

Good news New York! You have a brand new stadium! Bad news New York! It will still be filled with some of the most arrogant group of douchebags found in any city not named Philadelphia.

John Fox is bringing his new friend to your house warming party. His name is Greg Hardy.... and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.


This Sunday prepare to witness the systematic dismantling of your entire team by the youngest team in the league. Sure, some of our players haven't gotten pubes yet (Sorry Todd), but never the less, it doesn't take much to put up 200 rushing yards rushing against the human sieve that is the Giants defensive line.

What are you going to do New York? What are you going to do when the real Steve Smith can't get open due to inactivity while Dwayne Jarrett forgets to wear his cleats? What will you do when the Panthers offensive line does their best impersonation of a subway turnstile? Its coming your way New York, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sunday the Panthers send a message to the entire league. The will dominate the entire game defensively while running with ease and giving the Giants the most unmerciful beating they have yet to receive this regular season.

In short, the Panthers are coming to your house warming party, and they are leaving a flaming bag of jersey on your field.

Panthers 17

Giants 14



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I feel the need to post the Crying Giants Fan video all over again. Just so we can reiterate how pathetically miserable their fans are.

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No d-line, linebackers blow, and the Giants are adjusting to a new d-coordinator, 34 and 28 are gonna be ripping off big gains all day. 21-13 Panthers

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