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Jonathan Stewart has a special song to dedicate to Rhonde Barber...

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heres an idea BP:

instruments in beginning - panthers running out and warming up

"Yo pretty ladies around the world

Got a weird thing to show yourself

So tell all the boys and girls

Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too

We're about to go down

And you know just what to do "

- show tampa coming out of tunnel and keepin' up in the game with bryants catches.

"Wave your hands in the air like you don't care

Glide by the people as they start to look and stare"

- deangelo breakin a long one and the stewart/deangelo post score hand waving dance thing.

"Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick ma

Come on baby tell me what's the word "

- jukin' those boys out of their jocks

chorus - steve smith catches

"Now all you sucker DJ's who think you're fly

There's got to be a reason and we know the reason why

You try to put on those airs and act real cool

But you got to realize that you're acting like fools "

- Defensive sacks, fumbles that got no called and near int's

"If there's music we can use it

Be free to dance

We don't have the time for psychological romance "

- stewart highlight run or two

"no romance" - stiff arming ronde to the ground

"no romance" - repeat

so on, so forth

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eehhhh...i think this one might be a lil better. Start listening at the 30 sec. mark


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