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Still gave up too many big plays, and Lucas is a hole in the secondary

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Good point Fiz about us being a team to make changes when needed. That has been a big difference from years past. Fox has given up on being loyal to those he likes as opposed to those who deserve to be on the field. Lets hope it gets straitened out. Denver has one heck of a passing game!

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I think pressuring Garcia helped keep their passing game toned down to what it could have been. It did seem like some big plays were given up, but lets hope we can improve on it. It's not anything to panic about.

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There were several pass plays where TB was specifically targetting 21. They simply felt he could NOT stop Bryant.

But here is food for thought. No Plax. Good.

The only two teams that down the road in the Playoffs our matchup in the secondary could come back to haunt us is Dallas(TO and Roy Williams) and Cardinals(Fitz and Boldin).

Not that worried about the rest.

But Godfrey, Lucas and Marshall need to figure out how to read multiple looks and fast.

There was one play where the TE caught another flair pass but just before he caught it in the flat, Lucas did a quick look back to the endzone, then kinda sorta made a tackle.

That tells me he is thinking too much about where Godfrey is and doesn't trust him right now.

That HAS to get worked out.

Denver is gonna really go after that this weekend.

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it was a great win tonight, but at least we are seeing that the secondary has become a weakness. better to find out now, and try to fix it, then to get exposed in the playoffs.

yep, especially when we are getting ready to face gunslingers Cutler, Manning, and Brees these next three weeks

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