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Welcome to the Huddle

Here are your complimentary boobs


If you have any issues with or complaints about the site feel free to contact our head mod.


As the highest repped member of the huddle he'll be happy to help you with anything you need. Remember more times you send him a message the more urgent he'll be at addressing it.

Have a great day and enjoy your stay here at The Huddle.

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wow not even fat (enter name here) just fat you must be real big


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thanks for the boobs and also because I'm truly fat...

Well, if we had to have user names that describe our physical appearance, then I guess I would be called "Long Dick" because my dick truly is long. But it is also a little skewed, so maybe I would be "Skewed Long Dick". I tried to straighten it once. I put it in a door frame and tried to slam the door on it to straighten it out. That hurt like hell. Then I realized that it probable needed to be hard first. So once I got it hard, I tried to straighten it once more by slamming it with the door again. That REALLY hurt like hell. And I think it made it even more skewed than before. It also broke the door handle off. It was one of those French style door handles. This had an insignia of an "S" in the middle of it. I've tried to replace it, but I can find one like it. I've check Lowes, Home Depot, and countless other hardware stores but no one seems to have a match for the one that broke. It was to the downstairs hall bathroom so it's pretty important that I replace it. When I have friends over to my house, none of them wants to use the downstairs hall bathroom since the door tends to swing open if you are not holding it. And it's hard to hold it closed while using the bathroom. Do you happen to have a French style door handle with an "S" insignia in the center of it?

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