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our next OC should be .......

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the man who coached the orange peewee team that played at half time yesterday. they ran better plays in their 5 plays than we have ran all year. he gets my vote.

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    • Interesting insight into dietary habits. I find that after 8 years in Asia my tastes are varied and I've learned what I like but i can adapt too. As an example I deeply loathed boiled cabbage since the days of school dinners. However, Kimchi is an excellent way of making cabbage which I had always hated palatable. I can't forsake meat but I can control the amount and variety of it that I consume. I definitely believe personally, that dietary habits acquired as a younger man weren't sustainable as I moved into middle age. I eat lots of veggies and fruit (which is still better than processed sugar). I have never liked the texture of nuts but if i chop them fine and scatter them in a salad I don't notice them. I subscribe to the idea that a mixture of food groups is best. My advice is re-try foods that you previously avoided since your palate changes. I have many vegan friends in the UK and frankly their pallid unhealthy appearance despite vitamin supplements makes me highly dubious of it as a lifestyle. Maybe that's just an odd case or a uniquely English thing though.    
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