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Duke Graduate's Powerpoint F**k List Gets Out

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I don't know if you have seen/heard about this. Basically this girl at Duke slutted it up for 4 years but kept an extremely detailed account of every single hookup and then proceeded to create a senior "thesis" out of it as a joke for her friends.

It got out and somehow was released to mad people so now there is a huge uproar over it mainly because she completely degraded and humiliated a couple of guys. My cousin knows a couple of em and said they are douche bags anyways haha.

Either way, I personally think its pretty awesome and absolutely HILARIOUS. Some priceless quotes in there and some weirdo ways for these guys to get off and talk dirty. (you'll see what I mean)

Takes a while to completely go through and read everything but it really is priceless. Enjoy :)


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the fact that she was nerdy enough to do a thesis on it has me totally hawt

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