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John Fox says DJ was cut because DUI

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Though there's a chance that Panthers receiver Dwayne Jarrett will file a grievance claiming that the Panthers can't discipline him in any way for his second DUI arrest, Panthers coach John Fox opted to call it like it is when discussing the situation on Sirius NFL Radio.

Appearing with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan of Movin' the Chains, Fox was blunt. "I think we've got a situation here where we do a lot of things for our guys to make sure that doesn't happen and he couldn't follow the protocol so we're going to move on," Fox said.

"It's amazing," Kirwan responded, "and this is about every guy who doesn't get it. What's up with these guys, John? It's like raising kids. You think you get the message across and you come home and it's still the same problem as the night before."

"Well, I think anytime, you know, just we're a part of society and it just gets more publicized, I think, when you're a star athlete," Fox said. "But you're going to have these issues. We're just a portion of society and, you know, it happens every day, you just don't hear it as much in other facets of it. It's part of people that make mistakes. You know, I think, there's a lot of guys that are doing it right that sometimes we don't hear quite as much about but unfortunately this is one that he wasn't doing right."

As we explained earlier today, paragraph 11 of the standard player contract permits a team to cut a player if "he has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club."

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The title threw me for a second, the article states that Jon Fox makes it clear that DJ was cut because of the DUI.

fuging Florio had it as a title and then changed it. My bad. Corrected

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