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Name the person in this interview.

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"I really believe ______ just flat-out got outcoached," "Former Player" said. "He got outcoached. And I said it on the pre-game show that ____ does not change. He knows what he's gonna do. He lives by the blitz. He dies by the blitz."

"Former Player" continued, saying _____'s biggest weakness is that he does not make adjustments at halftime.

"Whatever they [the Cardinals] did, they made adjustments, and ____ did not make adjustments," "Former Player" said. "He really don't make adjustments. I know he went in at halftime and said 'Listen guys, we just gotta make more plays.' And normally we would go in and we would draw up the plays that was beating us, but we want to know how can we beat these guys? What adjustments can we make on the sidelines? And that's ______'s Achilles heel that I've seen over the past years that I've played for him. He's not a good halftime adjustments coach and it showed."

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Jim Johnson. :)

No more calls please we have a winner.

Jim, tell beaux what he has won. :spam:

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